Perfect Market Announces Digital Publishing Suite, a Powerful and Comprehensive SaaS Platform for Premium Publishers

PASADENA, CALIF. – March 6, 2013 – Perfect Market, Inc., the leading provider of digital publishing software solutions for premium publishers, announced today the debut of its new software-as-a-service product offering: Perfect Market Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), a powerful, comprehensive set of adaptive tools for increasing traffic, engagement and revenue.

The Digital Publishing Suite software solution empowers publishers with the ability to present each user with an optimized content experience that tailors content suggestions, sharing recommendations, on-site promotions and ad units based on available data on the user and the content. By providing more relevant content experiences, Perfect Market DPS helps publishers drive brand, search, social and local audiences towards the most appropriate actions to increase traffic, engagement and revenue, while minimizing clutter on the page.

The new software suite builds upon technologies utilized successfully by hundreds of publishers through Perfect Market’s legacy products, Perfect Market Enterprise and Perfect Market Pro. The Digital Publishing Suite includes enhanced, upgraded versions of these product features:

  • Perfect Links brings a layer of intelligence to content recirculation through proprietary algorithms that determine in real-time which links are most likely to engage each user. Formerly part of the Perfect Market Pro suite, Perfect Links is now also able to incorporate related content and social data to better accommodate search and social audiences, respectively. The product was also enhanced to allow for inclusion of publisher goals, such as driving traffic to oversold sections and sharing traffic between owned properties. As part of Perfect Market Pro, Perfect Links has helped publishers increase page views by an average of 8 percent.
  • Perfect Ads, which has delivered an average 40 percent increase in performance-based ad revenues as part of Perfect Market Enterprise and Perfect Market Pro, is also now part of the Digital Publishing Suite. Perfect Ads utilizes Perfect Market’s semantic analysis capabilities to determine the commercial themes of each piece of content so that displayed ads are more relevant to the each user’s commercial interest.

The Digital Publishing Suite also introduces three new products that were developed to help publishers address emerging concerns around social engagement, search engine optimization and subscription sales:

  • Perfect Social is a comprehensive social solution for publishers to increase discovery, sharing and engagement. By utilizing social data to make content and sharing recommendations more relevant to each user, Perfect Social helps drive higher quality social users who spend more time on site.
  • Perfect SEO is an automated search engine optimization product that improves organic search rankings by analyzing content in real-time. Perfect SEO develops a revenue-aware link structure and creates automated keyword topic pages on publisher sites. Perfect SEO builds upon Perfect Market’s semantic analysis technology, which was proven through Perfect Market Enterprise.
  • Perfect Promos gives publishers more control over on-site promotional messaging for subscriptions, social engagement and more. The new product provides publishers the ability to target specific messages for different audience segments, including brand, search, social and local audiences.

“Working with over 200 publishers, including news sites, magazine sites, portals and broadcasters, we have become very aware of the needs of the digital content publisher,” says Julie Schoenfeld, Chief Executive Officer of Perfect Market. “Our Digital Publishing Suite provides all of the tools we believe the modern publisher needs to remain competitive and profitable. We will continue to enhance the suite with future products as publishers’ needs evolve.”

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About Perfect Market:

Perfect Market, Inc. is the leading provider of digital publishing software solutions for driving traffic, engagement and revenue. Our products and services are utilized by over 200 premium publishers, including,, and Perfect Market’s primary product offering is the Digital Publishing Suite, a comprehensive set of tools that address content recirculation, social discovery, search engine optimization, on-site promotions and ad optimization. Perfect Market also offers Audience Development Consulting Services for publishers looking to further enhance our software solutions. Perfect Market is headquartered in Pasadena, California, with offices in New York City, San Francisco and Bangalore, India.


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